Fattoria Sociale
il Ponte

Il Ponte is a social cooperative that offers personal services consisting of people making their skills and resources available to reach common goals. Il Ponte promotes the well-being of people with social, psychic and intellectual disabilities at the highest degree. Since it was created Il Ponte relies on the “community” and “relation” concepts and sees them as indispensable.

The social cooperative Il Ponte aims, on the base of individual peculiarities, to build up paths able to develop social, residential and occupational autonomy. To achieve this Il Ponte relies on different strengths such as relationships, working with the nature and residential experience. Il Ponte has a solid connection with local, public and private institutions in order to promote the mental health of those who are hosted and the knowledge of them among the population.
The farm is a fundamental aspect of our reality. We have alpacas, donkeys, goats and plenty of other animals whom our hosted learn to care for. Through the farm, they can develop working skills, communication skills and the ability to stay together.

Our services

The services offered by Il Ponte are designed to improve all of everyday skills such as: social interaction, independent working and residential autonomy development. Il Ponte provides three type of services.

Casa Famiglia

“Casa Famiglia” residential center: hosts adults with mental health issues or disability. It is a residential and therapeutic solution and it aims to promote different skills of the individual. This solution is suitable to work on residential, mental, social and self-sufficiency skills in case of family neglect, lack of support or inability of the family to answer to these needs. The service is open 24h a day and it can rely on a constant presence of attendants guiding our guests with their day to day activities.


“Malolako” semi-residential center: hosts adults with mental disability. A special attention is paid to social integration. The people hosted are part of a dynamic reality that helps developing skills they can transfer to the home environment. We aim to make them experience a context able to promote social and mental well-being. The “Malolako” semi-residential center is open from Monday to Friday from 8.15 am to 3.30 pm. The lunch is included.


Low Threshold Apartments: “Villa Oltre”, “Non Da Soli”, “Ghiranova” and “Pra-angeli” are four apartments representing a residential and therapeutic solution. This solution aims to facilitate who is hosted in developing a mental and social autonomy, but through a smaller educational and assistance contribution.